Our Eco-Friendly Advantage

  • Air Purification - Destroys up to 99.999%of airborne contaminants and surface infectious agents while eliminating odor, utilizing NASA developed technology
  • Laundry Purification - A patented laundry system for cleaning clothes and linens without the use of harsh detergents
  • Water Purification - National Safety Foundation Certified whole-house water filtration and purification system for chemical and toxic-free water
  • Non-toxic Cookware - Endorsed by the Cancer Project to prevent the leeching of toxic chemicals from various cookware products during the cooking process
  • Natural Pest Control - Non-toxic pest and termite treatment
  • Green Paint & Floor coating - Lower in chemical toxicity and VOC contaminants
  • Insulation - Hypo-allergenic insulation used to reduce allergens
  • Eco-Bedding - Hypo-allergenic pillows